Success in Psychology

11 August 2011

Since moving to New Zealand from Israel, 29 year old Goldie Hamilton, originally from England, had been contemplating a career change.

She considered Psychology as a possibility but did not know enough about the field or how "right" it was for her. As Goldie explained, “I kept looking though the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) brochures, considering a variety of options and when an affordable Introduction to Psychology course was advertised I enrolled immediately. Once a week, after a long day’s work, I would attend the evening class and I was always energized and captivated by the subjects covered. The lecturer, Andrea Mead, was wonderful — very knowledgeable, dynamic and approachable.”

The six-session course provides a survey of the major fields of study and research in the field of Psychology, and for Goldie it was also an introduction to The University of Auckland. Even before the course had ended Goldie applied to study for a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology, with the goal of one day qualifying as a Psychologist.

Having completed her first semester Goldie is pleased to report, “I am now an A+ Psychology student at The University of Auckland and am very much enjoying the learning experience and my new direction, all thanks to the inspiration from CCE’s Introduction to Psychology course!”

So if you have a general interest in the subject, or are considering an academic qualification in Psychology at The University of Auckland, Andrea Mead is teaching the course for CCE in the second semester. You just don’t know where it might lead.

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