CCE writing tutor Jill Malcolm, publishes new book

12 September 2011

The publishers, Random House say, “Both guidebook and souvenir, this book gives travellers practical advice on how to get the most from a motorhome plus lots of gorgeous photos from around the country.”

Jill is pleased that the book, written with her husband Bill Savidan, has come out just in time for the influx of travellers to New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. She is also happy to be in one place for a change and told us, “I have just returned to 'normal' living after two years travelling on the road. I have spent the last two weeks going though old stuff and divesting myself of much of it. One thing that has become apparent is that my memories of a lifetime of travelling have often become twisted. The reason I know this is through the stories I have written and published closer to the time of travel. The way it was is not always the way I remembered it. Reading the stories I wrote is like going to places all over again.”

Jill says that recording the significant events in one's life - travel among them- is a very valuable thing to do not just for others, for money (if you are published) but for yourself. For those who cannot travel it is also a window on the world.

If you are interested in doing some travel writing yourself, Jill’s Travel Write course is running in the weekend of September 17 and 18.

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