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7 October 2011

When Lifelong Learning Programme Manager, Libby Passau, wanted to improve her editing skills she didn’t need to look any further than one of the online courses that the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) is offering with their United States partner, ed2go. Libby enrolled in The Keys to Effective Editing course and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Libby says, “Being able to log into the course website at any time, from my office or at home, was very convenient. There were 12 lessons in all, with two lessons made available each week over the six weeks. The course covered a lot of ground from editing marks, on-screen editing, grammar and punctuation, syntax and style, abbreviations and the author/editor relationship. It took about an hour to work through each lesson and another half hour to complete the exercises.”

Libby found the short quiz at the end of each lesson a useful way to check her understanding. “Your result came back immediately and if you didn’t get an answer right the first time you could have as many attempts as you needed.”

Each lesson had a specific objective such as, ‘Apply editing guidelines for spelling, capitalization, and number usage’ and the assignment for each lesson provided an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills covered.

“When you finished the assignment you were able to just click the answer link to compare your work with the tutor’s. Tutor Jacquelyn Landis pointed out that our answers might not be exactly the same as hers and this particularly applied to me as there are some differences in usage and spelling between the United States and New Zealand. This really did not cause any problems and in fact added extra interest to the questions I posted on the discussion board for each lesson. I learned a lot in the course and because I passed the end-of-course examination I was able to print out a certificate of completion, which I can add to my CV. I now have a valuable resource for future reference and would thoroughly recommend the online learning format.”

Since introducing the online courses into the programme in July, CCE has extended the number of courses on offer. The selection available now includes courses such as Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010; Introduction to C# Programming; Starting a Nonprofit; Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera; Introduction to Internet Writing Markets and Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers to name a few.

So if you’re interested in learning something new or improving your skills take a look at the ed2go online courses. It really is a great way to learn.

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