You’ll be sitting pretty on Suza Lawrence’s latest works of art

14 October 2011

Project Zeltsitz in Gondwana

Dynamic and talented artist Suza Lawrence, who teaches art for the Centre for Continuing Education, has once again created some thoughtful yet playful art.

Her latest adventure in interactive art Project Zeltsitz in Gondwana was created within her collective Lgop co-op (Looks Good on Paper co-op) and is part of SCULPTURE in the GARDENS which runs from 9 October 2011 – 12 February 2012 at The Auckland Botanic Gardens (situated right next to the Southern Motorway, on Hill Road, Manurewa).

This latest installation is part of her Project Zeltsitz which responds to mankind’s ancient and continuing need for shelter and comfort. ‘Zeltsitz’ is a newly created German word derived from ‘Zelt’ meaning tent and ‘Sitz’ meaning seat. ‘Zeltsitze’ are urban structures that invite human interactivity with a seat that is hidden.

Suza is offering a fabulous five-day course in our Summer Affair programme:

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