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Offering lifelong learning courses

If you have a tertiary qualification, a high level of expertise and experience in a specific professional or academic field, some teaching experience, and you would like to join our team of more than 200 dedicated tutors, please read the information following.

Would you like to:

  • Design and teach effective and enjoyable courses for adult learners?
  • Assist adult learners to take better advantage of social, cultural, business and career opportunities?
  • Enhance the reputation of the University and the Centre for Continuing Education by providing high quality learning opportunities for adult learners?
  • Widen access to tertiary education through designing and teaching courses which encourage adult learners from diverse social and cultural backgrounds?

If you have experience in teaching adults and have a relevant academic qualification CCE offers a rewarding and satisfying teaching environment.

We offer:

  • professional development
  • AV and language laboratory training
  • access to the resources of the University library
  • flexible teaching options for weekday, evening and weekend courses
  • full administrative support
  • several social and networking events with other tutors and CCE staff
  • a supportive working environment.


Proposal deadlines
Programme Period Proposal submission deadline
January Summer Programme First week in August previous year
Courses starting February First week in October previous year
Courses starting April Second week in January
Courses starting June First week in March
Courses starting August Second week in May

What kind of courses do we offer?
The Centre for Continuing Education offer short non-credit courses which reflect the teaching and research activities of The University of Auckland.

Issues affecting course selection include:

  • first and foremost, the degree to which your course reflects the University's teaching and research activities
  • alignment with the Government's Priorities for Adult and Community Education in universities
  • the past performance of courses similar to the one you propose
  • the existence of similar courses in the Centre for Continuing Education programme
  • the affiliation of the teacher with The University of Auckland
  • general trends in the adult and continuing education and professional development sectors.

Course format
Remember that there is a range of possible formats for courses. Select a format which suits the content of your course, the style of your presentation and is convenient for potential students and you. Possible course formats include:

  • Two or 2.5 hours per week – weekdays Mondays to Fridays, and/or
  • weeknights, Mondays to Thursdays, and/or
  • weekends, half/one/two-day formats.
Course Proposals

We offer approximately 450 courses, including 15-20% new, each year. This information is designed to help you create a proposal for a new course.

Tutor/Presenter selection criteria

Anyone is welcome to propose a course for consideration in a future programme. However, please note that as a Centre of The University of Auckland, we are expected to provide an extremely high standard of teaching.

In the selection process, the qualifications and relevant experience of potential tutors/presenters are as important to us as the content, viability and appropriateness of proposed courses.

All new CCE tutors/presenters must have:

A recognised tertiary qualification in their area of expertise; a minimum of a bachelor's degree is preferred and post-graduate qualifications will be highly regarded. (In exceptional cases only, significant recognised industry experience relevant to the topic area may be accepted)


  • a recognised teaching qualification (preferably in adult education).


  • extensive recognised experience in presenting material to, or facilitation of, adult learners.
How to propose a course

If you are interested in offering a course, it is essential that you:

  • read the information on this page
  • download and complete the proposal form (link below)
  • email your proposal to the relevant coordinator (please see the list of coordinators at the end of this page).

Proposals which do not follow this format will not be considered.

Proposal form

This form asks you to think carefully about how well the course fits into the Centre for Continuing Education programme and to provide a reasonable level of detail about the course content and structure, as well as practical information about teaching materials, technical requirements etc.

Please submit your proposal to us by email or on disk. If you are uncertain as to the viability or suitability of a course please email a summary of your ideas to the relevant coordinator for consideration prior to completing the full proposal form, or phone to discuss.

Programme Managers responsible for subject areas
Subject Area Programme Manager Email
Art and Art History
Computing and IT
Financial Planning
Media Studies
Music and Performing Arts
Personal Development
Libby Passau l.passau@auckland.ac.nz

Business and Careers
Culture and Civilisation
English Language
Political Studies

Jo Davies je.davies@auckland.ac.nz

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